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I started playing goalie when I was around nine-years-old. And then I go on and off as a striker. I am still pretty good on my feet but I grew to love being a goalie.

In secondary school, my classmates will kick the ball at me after school hours, and then I will crash at home only to wake in the middle of the night (and don’t ask me if I felt sleepy in class).

And then at the university, I went harder, and had a couple medals under my belts.

At service (after college), I had the most intensive training as a goalie, representing OYO state team at the NYSC games (I even got the best goalie award on camp)

Somewhere in the middle of all these I played in church soccer teams too.

It’s being many years I left service, these days I will admit I am a bit soft, but I keep the body going with pick-ups and soccer league in town.

Thanks to Taiwo, Lenny, Andrew, and Greyson, who featured in at least one episode.

And here is my Goalie Diaries:

Link to Vlog: YouTube |  Blog



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