Video Essay: What can Africa learn from the Old Oyo Empire?

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Three essays ago, I wrote about the old Oyo empire, a 14th-19th century empire in West Africa. This video essay goes into more details on the topic.

The genesis of this video essay is as follows:

A friend of mine started a series of vlog on Nigeria, incidentally, I have been studying African History at my leisure, so he featured me in one his episodes. This particular episode was titled: Niger-Area before Nigeria, that is, what (parts of) Nigeria looked like before independence from the British in 1960.

In this video, I picked one of the parts, the old Oyo empire and I discussed the political structure and the implications of such system. As opposed to popular belief, it turns out that African empires are very, very, well organized, displaying impressive knowledge of political structures.


1:24 Origin of old Oyo empire

2:05 Political structure of the old Oyo empire (Check and Balances).

6:03 Democratic undertones in the empire.

6:41 Skin in the game in the old Oyo empire’s political system.

9:45 Small is beautiful (In praise of decentralization).

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