The Shenanigans of Progress

The Genesis of Inequality – The Failed Promises of Food Production – The Superbugs – The Advent of Social Media – Progress has a Weak Point. The Genesis of Inequality About 15,000 years ago Homo sapiens were hunters and gatherers. But somethings began to change around 9500-8500 BC –  we started to domesticate plants and Read More


The Bane of Complex Problems: Mugabe, Obama and the Gut Microbiome

Obama’s Scientists – Why are Probiotics so ineffective? – Lunch with a Biochemistry Professor – On Drones and Bombs  About a month ago, I left the comfort of my lab to listen to a talk by a former Obama Employee, Jo Handelsman, at the University of Georgia. Dr. Handelsman worked with Obama as the Associate Read More

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin’s Career Choice, And How to Build a Thriving State

FreeImages.com/dimitri_c The development of a state is contingent on the success and failure of the comprising individuals; and the most positive impact of such individual to the state is one that apparently delivers the best. So, what defines the best?… Born in 1809, Charles Darwin – dubbed ‘father of evolutionary biology’ – is one of Read More