Essays | Many Shades of Scaling

The Mouse to Elephant Curve – Dinner with Thomas Robert Malthus – The Kidney of Your Business – COVID-19 and the Intellectuals – In Case you are Wondering, Nero killed Saint Peter and Paul – Virtue-cum-Ethics Scaling Abstract: Friends, in this eclectic essay, I explored the implication of scaling in 1) metabolism/biology 2) business 3) Read More


Video Essay: What can Africa learn from the Old Oyo Empire?

Three essays ago, I wrote about the old Oyo empire, a 14th-19th century empire in West Africa. This video essay goes into more details on the topic. The genesis of this video essay is as follows: A friend of mine started a series of vlog on Nigeria, incidentally, I have been studying African History at Read More



  My last blog post was on skin-in-the-game, here is a sequel, with a very, very significant applicability: The Chibok Girls. … After watching the ‘proof-of-life’ video about a week ago on CNN, I have been pondering on the same question posed in the CNN article: “How was it that two years after Boko Haram Read More


Lowballing: Some Random Iowa Energy Users, and how my Dad tricked me into getting ‘A’s

How can we influence and persuade others into doing the things that we want? This is a popular question among diverse groups:  from politicians, to marketers, to managers, to students, to even parents raising a child. Here is one important  lesson I learnt from my book of the month, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Read More