The Lost Wars of Optimism

Seneca, the lake Wobegon effect – The Cult of Romanticism – But, not necessarily (Un)happiness is reflected in the disparity between our expectation and the truth (i.e. the reality). The smaller the distance between the duo, the less unhappy we become. In other words, to be unhappy, is to be disappointed. I will begin with Read More


Festina Lente: The Problem with my PhD Thesis.

Moremi, a detective par excellence – 50,000 soldiers, 9,000 horsemen and some 37 elephants – Fabius Maximus ‘the delayer’ – The problem with my PhD Thesis. Moremi Ajasoro was a heroic ancient queen of Ile-Ife – the cradle of the Yoruba (mostly in West Africa, Nigeria). Recent re-appraisal of legends convinced me that she deserves Read More



A Warm Conversation with my Physician I spent my week in a slight state of discomfort with some fairly intractable symptoms, so I decided to stop by my physician. I started off with the checkups: oxygen level, blood pressure, stuffs like that and soon my physician stepped in. We had a pretty short (and warm) Read More

Marcus Aurelius


MARCUS THOUGHTS ON TIME, JEALOUSY, AND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A GOOD LIFE AND A GOOD WIFE. After an inundating recommendation by Tim Ferris and Ryan Holiday, I finally got my hands on an ancient book on stoic philosophy – Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (written around 167AD). The book was originally Marcus Aurelius’s diary where he Read More

100 Words Optmism


  On Optimism: A fictional friend told me the other day about his staunch conviction about the existence of only exclusively pessimist beings. To which I refute. Two instances that resonate: 1. The last time you set your alarm clock (say, to wake up in the morning), will you consider yourself a pessimist or an Read More


Lessons of History (Book Notes)

The richest wisdom on earth are buried in history. Reading the book, Lessons of History by Will and Aeriel Durant was yet another verification to the claim. They stated, “the present is the past rolled up for action, and the past is the present unrolled for understanding.” Here are some of the peaks in the Read More

Navy Seal

Lessons from a Navy Seal: Why you should attempt to stop worrying

  FreeImages.com/tanel Worry (n): to feel or show fear and concern because you think that something bad has happened or could happen. Verily, we are all worry-addicts. Sometimes last year I came across the statistics that 90% of what we worry about never happens. While I can’t justify such data, I can definitely relate to Read More