Video Essay: What can Africa learn from the Old Oyo Empire?

Three essays ago, I wrote about the old Oyo empire, a 14th-19th century empire in West Africa. This video essay goes into more details on the topic. The genesis of this video essay is as follows: A friend of mine started a series of vlog on Nigeria, incidentally, I have been studying African History at Read More


Festina Lente: The Problem with my PhD Thesis.

Moremi, a detective par excellence – 50,000 soldiers, 9,000 horsemen and some 37 elephants – Fabius Maximus ‘the delayer’ – The problem with my PhD Thesis. Moremi Ajasoro was a heroic ancient queen of Ile-Ife – the cradle of the Yoruba (mostly in West Africa, Nigeria). Recent re-appraisal of legends convinced me that she deserves Read More


My MIT PhD Application, and the 3 Irrefutable Biological Lessons Of History

  First, life is competition. Here is Will and Ariel Durant in their 1968 book: Lessons of History “Competition is not only the life of trade, it is the trade of life – peaceful when food abounds, violent when the mouths outrun the food” I have met folks who have repudiated competition, at almost every Read More


Lessons of History (Book Notes)

The richest wisdom on earth are buried in history. Reading the book, Lessons of History by Will and Aeriel Durant was yet another verification to the claim. They stated, “the present is the past rolled up for action, and the past is the present unrolled for understanding.” Here are some of the peaks in the Read More