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Let’s consider this epigram “prepared for failure, ready for success”

It could sound mundane but it’s an extremely powerful philosophy which most of us jettison while we plan. I will like to shorten the epigram as ‘Smart Optimism’

Going through life I have constantly be reminded of so many rules, one of which is – anticipate failure. This is, of course, the best way to abate disappointment when it comes.

The train of thought garners perfect sense only if you try to separate life and disappointment. Try it and tell me if you see anything else than an inevitable debacle!

So why not find a common ground? – Smart Optimism

If you agree on the inseparability of the duo, let’s take a quick trip back in time to hmmm…, say around 2,000 – 3000 BC and kindly consider these 3 scenarios

One, if you are going into a Lion’s den, and you had an option to pick an orderly. Who will you pick? If I were you, I will pick Samson! (or maybe David)

Two, if you are going into the forest to hunt, who will you pick? Esau?

Three, assume that the last night before your trip to the forest, you had epiphany: a lion descended on you, and coincidentally you had the clement opportunity to pick 2 orderlies the next morning

Who will you pick?

I had bet Samson will be by the left, Esau by your right.

In the end: What you know cannot really hurt you.

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