Sermon: Closing God’s Gift Cycle

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The last time I delivered a sermon, I was about nine, if my memory serves me right. Though, I have had (and still have) the opportunity to teach kids in church over the years.

On Sunday, January 28 in the Year of Our Lord 2018, I delivered a sermon at The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Athens, Georgia.  It was titled ‘Closing God’s Gift Cycle’: I taught about the concept of the mercy of God, and how it links with the philosophy of atonement (sacrifice).

The video is attached below. God bless as you watch and listen.

In addition, I will publish  an accompanied essay version of the teaching (should be more ‘cleaner’) once I am able to create the time.

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4 thoughts on “Sermon: Closing God’s Gift Cycle

    • Olatomiwa Bifarin says:

      What keeps you obedient to remember God’s grace?
      Very interesting question, Michael. I will say, ultimately, it’s the believe in God: to believe is to obey (and vice versa). Like I pointed out in my sermon, obedience is the sole manifestation of believe.
      How do you stay encouraged to see the value in making sacrifices in your personal life? If you mean to sacrifice for a much more deeper religious life, then I will say (again) that it is THE believe in God. Having a conviction that there is something more important, something that is worth sacrificing for. And we can go a little bit further, to ask: what does it mean to believe in God? To believe in God (some will say the Christian God) is to believe that the Gospel, the message of Christ is TRUE. I love those questions Michael.

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