“I was a Rapper”: My Lost, Unreleased Mixtapes.

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Life is nonlinear  –  My unreleased, lost mixtapes –  A Nigerian Rap Superstar.

One thing has always intrigued me, about life, growing up. It is the unpredictability inherent in it.

Friends, life is non-linear, and the nature of it despise concrete and rigid planning.

I rarely write about myself on the blog, as I prefer to write more of ideas that captivates my interests.

But I had a recent encounter with the past that gave me the nudge.

A late evening conversation with a friend led me to list what my hobbies were in college. As I began to list them, then I mentioned … and I was a rapper too!”

With an imagined weird disbelieve on her face, she replied with lol emojis (about 4 of them to be precise) together with the following words “this doesn’t get any funnier.”

Since, it appears, my lists of hobbies are already metamorphosing into a comedy gallery, I decided to go on a search for my unreleased, lost mixtapes (college was at least 6 years ago). Luckily, after about 2 weeks of intense search I found a few.

I started rapping when I was about 14 or 15 and stopped when I was 20; and I wasn’t a great rapper by any means.

However, I learnt at least a couple of lessons from my short rap ‘career’:

One. I started as a horrible, horrible rapper (I cannot emphasize the adjective enough). But it’s just amazing (and almost miraculous), what one can achieve with practice.

Two. As intimated in my first and second sentences, astound by my improvements, I did not fail to fantasize about becoming a Nigerian Rap Superstar with all the flashing lights.

But Nope! In case you are wondering I am no rap superstar 😊 and as I am  writing these lines, I am struggling to stop thinking about my lab experiments I need to run  tomorrow morning.

These days, much of the fantasies are directed towards writing a deep, splashing philosophical/psychological treatise on the human nature.

Who knows.

Or maybe I will be a rap superstar anyways (I am just kidding, seriously). What an evolution of fantasies by the way.

Without further ado, here are the couple I found. And make sure to listen with your headset 😊 .

This first one is titled ‘FYB Freestyle’. FY stands for final year (and I can’t remember what B stands for at this point). I recorded this track to commemorate my final year in college, and I used Rick Ross’s Maybach Music 2 Beats. This should be late 2011.

If you are playing from an iPhone (or probably any other platform) you are able to listen directly from the browser without downloading soundcloud, just click on ‘Listen in browser’.

This next one is titled ‘Dreams’. I featured a gentleman, who took the chorus (hook). Unfortunately, I can’t remember his name, but he goes by OJ then. The track was produced by Crack Mix (Michael Agbaje). I wrote the song in 2010.

Thanks for listening.

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