Fiction | Imhotep: Sayings IV

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Imhotep came around the other night, and here is the bit I can remember.

 On Sacrifice

Me: Why do we have to sacrifice, why do we have to give up something for something else?

Imhotep: The act is merely a friendly reminder that you folks aren’t God.

On the World in Turmoil

Me: Imhotep, look at us today, everything is in Turmoil.

Imhotep: Well…

Me: There is no notion of truth, sensible things can no longer be said without fear, facts appear to dying, the whole world is in chaos…

Imhotep: The diagnosis can take so many forms, but I will be miserly tonight, I will say only two things. One, the line between justice and injustice, sense and senselessness, facts and fake news, wisdom and folly; can be almost imperceptible for an otherwise smart but crowd-nudged observer. Come to think of it…

Me: What?

Imhotep: What use is the smartness of a smart folk who doesn’t stop and think.

Me: Haa!

Imhotep: Two, the devil is in plain sight and y’all still can’t see him.


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