Fiction | Imhotep: Saying II

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Imhotep is gradually becoming a charm and he stopped coming on the second Friday of every other month. He now shows up frequently but his appearance is now immune to any precise predictions.

I continued to take notes in my dream notepad sitting right by my bed lamp, and my friends continued to ignore my pictures. As usual, all I remember when I wake are snippets of questions and nerdy answers from Imhotep.

Recently I have asked about competitions, Karan, progress, negations, and start-ups. And he replied and talked about losers, ignorance, demons, bread, and beasts!

I hope you enjoy it.

On Awards

Me: What do you think about awards?

Imhotep: If I could manage it, if I could manage to be  honest, polite and frank, I will say awards are for losers.

Me: 😯

Imhotep: Award is one of the manifestation of mimetic desires: you want things other people want, precisely because other people wants them. So, you compete.

Me: And why is that bad?

Imhotep: If I know you well, you don’t want to compete, you want to stand out.

Me: How? And how do you stand out without competing?

Imhotep: Anti-mimesis – stop imitating!

Me: But they make us write all these things on CVs.

Imhotep: Of course. I think you might not be getting my point. CV is the acmic symptom of mimetic desire. And there is a reason the greatest men and women who had lived had no CV. They might at some point, but they ultimately don’t.

Me: 🤔

On Karan

Me: Karan had declared himself to be the smartest man who lives today, what do you think?

Imhotep: And who is this Karan?

Me: Some popular politician-philosopher in town.

Imhotep: [rolls eye] The biggest weakness of a professed smart individual is her blindness to her ignorance. This blindness always, almost makes them the stupidest of all.

On Progress

Me: What are your thoughts about recent technological progress we are making as humanity?

Imhotep: It’s great but the potential dangers are equally brutal.

Me:  And what are these dangers Imhotep?

Imhotep: The seven demons!

Me: Seven demons?

Imhotep: Yes the seven demons. After displacing a demon, there is always the risk of the original demon being replaced by the original demon plus six others.

On Start-ups

Me: Any idea of what great companies to start today?

Imhotep: A company that no one is starting.

On Negations

Me: Imhotep, I have been meaning to ask. This other day, I went to the same old restaurant at the right-side corner of my street and asked for bread without beans, the norm here is to take bread with something — something in addition. I was bored of beans so I wanted bread without it. To my utter dismay, the weird-looking waiter replied, “we don’t have bread without beans, will you mind bread without egg?”

What am I to make of this? I thought it was a joke but he said it with the straightest face ever. I was forced to order bread without egg, and I looked like a fool. But I just couldn’t stop thinking if he actually meant what he said.

Imhotep: Whether he meant it or not, that I cannot say, but the waiter is right. What is negating an identity is as important, if not more important, than the identity itself. Bread without beans, and bread without egg are completely different beasts!

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