Fiction | Imhotep: Sayings III

On Coronavirus and Universities Me: Did you hear? Imhotep: Hear what? Me: That they are closing universities; Going online; Coronavirus things. Imhotep: Urh, a number of departments, as we know it today should have been closed a long time ago, wellllllll before the coronavirus incident. Me: [looking non-plussed] Imhotep: Surprised? Are you surprised by my Read More


AI Notes | Machine Learning Overview

In our ML blog-syllabus, mathematical foundations of ML should be the next stop, however I have decided to postpone this till later in the blog in order to write something more comprehensive. The reader should note that getting the maths ‘out of the way’ is very essential to deeply understand a lot of the ML algorithm out Read More


Essays | Knowing about God via The Euthyphro Dilemma

The first desirable step to knowing God is knowing about him. Knowing God is a personal affair but knowing about him, one could say is doingTheology (with the capital T). [1] An improper or flimsy knowledge about God might interfere with knowing God. That is, people of faith might drift away when the reasonableness of falling Read More


Fiction | Metabolites, Carnivals and Cancers

In between his works at his A.I. company, his biotech company, and numerous public lectures, he taught an Integrated Science class every fall at Itiwo Schools. Dr. Asanmu was a polymath for sure. One moment he is seen sitting down with bishop-philosophers discussing the intricacies of Thomism and Augustinianism, the next minute he is seen Read More


Essays | Beautiful Nubia is My Favorite Musician of the Decade

One: Nubia, Mimesis and the Philosophy of Preferences I do remember, quite vividly, dancing to ‘Segun Akinlolu’s jagbalajugbu when I was in junior secondary school in my parent’s backyard, say age eleven, twelve. This was in the early 2000s. My back, slightly bent.  Arms formed a V-shape. I made my legs take turn to split apart Read More