Fiction | Imhotep: Sayings III

On Coronavirus and Universities Me: Did you hear? Imhotep: Hear what? Me: That they are closing universities; Going online; Coronavirus things. Imhotep: Urh, a number of departments, as we know it today should have been closed a long time ago, wellllllll before the coronavirus incident. Me: [looking non-plussed] Imhotep: Surprised? Are you surprised by my Read More


Fiction | Metabolites, Carnivals and Cancers

In between his works at his A.I. company, his biotech company, and numerous public lectures, he taught an Integrated Science class every fall at Itiwo Schools. Dr. Asanmu was a polymath for sure. One moment he is seen sitting down with bishop-philosophers discussing the intricacies of Thomism and Augustinianism, the next minute he is seen Read More

The Parable of the Lady who doesnt Fart.

Fiction | The Parable of the Lady who doesn’t Fart

Long, long ago, during the days of the great Macows. When the earth shook of wisdom, down to its knee. During the days where great and sincere intellectuals were easy to come by, like sands on the beach. A group of intellectual itinerants were particularly famous. They roamed Siaulai and had occasional and fecund lectures Read More


Fiction | Deepness, Morality, and Platonic Realms

Timothy Tableau: The Mark Zuckerberg Professor of Philosophy Pete Palu: The Florida Power Professor of Biology  They both walked the corridor in their usual manner. They sat in the patio, on the same wooden bench that had been beaten, almost to death, by the violent southern rain. Tableau: You should probably know Zizek, or like him. Read More


Selected Fiction I: Dear Prof. Jones, Is God Smiling?

1234 Evening Road, Filaba Trans Company, Zimbabwe             Sept. 25, 1959, Professor T. Jones, 315 Borbon Street, University of Trifton.   Dear Professor Jones, My name, as you can see, is Mukasa. I am a Mathematician in Zimbabwe; and you can say I am a mathematician by day, a philosopher by night. We met once Read More