Blog Series: Philosophical Morsels

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Friends, over the next months, I will be writing a blog series titled ‘Philosophical Morsels’.

As the name hints, it’s going to be series of philosophical essays where I will hop around philosophy in it’s two main conceptions.
1) philosophy as a subject matter i.e. what we know that we know, how we know what we know or think we know, and what we are going to do about what we know. Ethics, religion, philosophy of science, political philosophy, meta-ethics, epistemology, that kind of thing.

2) Philosophy as a method, where I will attempt to apply clear reasoning to contemporary issues. Like social media use, artificial intelligence, global poverty, racial complexities etc.

Also, these essays are going to be in tidbits – something I can write fairly quickly and something, hopefully, you can intellectually chew on for a while.

I intend to publish one or two essay(s) in a month, and hopefully you enjoy it.

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