AI Talks GAN

AI/ML Talks | Generative Adversarial Networks

In this new series, I will hand pick some of my favorite AI papers and just talk about it, as best as I can.  I will be starting with GAN.  Generative adversarial network (GAN) is a type of generative model, model that generates stuffs, as opposed to predictive models, that predicts stuffs… If you are reading Read More


Essays: Dismantling Nigeria, A Game Theory Addendum

A question buried in an answered question – The soul of two hunters – Nigerians as hunters, and why hell is a bottomless pit A question buried in an answered question I should start by saying that I have gotten used to life as a graduate student who occasionally write essays on an obscure blog, and only Read More


Essays | Many Shades of Scaling

The Mouse to Elephant Curve – Dinner with Thomas Robert Malthus – The Kidney of Your Business – COVID-19 and the Intellectuals – In Case you are Wondering, Nero killed Saint Peter and Paul – Virtue-cum-Ethics Scaling Abstract: Friends, in this eclectic essay, I explored the implication of scaling in 1) metabolism/biology 2) business 3) Read More