About me

Olatomiwa Bifarin


Largely introverted

Pessimistic Optimist (i.e. I try my best to escape the planning fallacy.) 

Scientist: Postdoctoral fellow @ Georgia Tech

What I write about:
Many things: philosophy, psychology, Christian theology, sociology, science, e.t.c. + I have a blog section on technical notes on machine learning.  In short, I try to blur out disciplinary boundaries.


I read a lot. Soccer (Goalie), and lumps of pounded yam rushing through my esophagus. (Not exactly a hobby but enough for me to classify it as one) FYI: Pounded yam, Iyan, is a popular delicacy among the Yorubas in Southwestern Nigeria (where I hail from)

Favorite Quotes:
1) “The best way to know a person is to find out what they lie about”

2) “He who is most content with the least has the most”.

The latter intimate a moral about our hedonic psychology – Happiness doesn't come  from Ferraris, that kind of thing. 

3) And a host of others

Contact: obifarin@yahoo.com

Favorite Theory:

CaptureProspect theory, an economic theory attributed to the Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman et al. Cutting off the jargon: we are driven more strongly to avoid losses than to achieve gains. Or, we are much more likely to be risk loving when we are about to lose what we have, but risk averse when we want to gain what we do not have.

Let’s get smart. Enjoy my Blog.