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285 million people in the world are visually impaired: of this 285 million people, 39 million are blind and 246 million have severe vision impairment.

Now, of the 39 million people that are completely blind, approximately 20 million are blind as a result of cataract – a disease state that results in the clouding of the lens of the eye which prevents clear vision.  

Talking about 20 million people, to put this number in a more quantifiable context:

Think of Wembly stadium in England. We will need at least 222 wembley stadia to fit people blinded with cataract worldwide. Or if you will prefer the Michigan stadium in the United States, then we are talking about 185 stadia.

So you might be aware that Cataract is curable with surgery. But one of the most important information, most people aren’t aware of is that it could cost as low as $100 in some developing countries, where a huge chunk of these affected individuals are living in extreme poverty.

We will be running a campaign to raise fund for people with impaired vision for Cataract surgery in West Africa, Nigeria.

I think this should be done, not only because it is cheap, but because if you think about it, it’s ridiculously cheap:

First, think of how much it costs to provide a single blind person with a guide dog in western countries: $42,000!

Now, think about the economic and the socio-psychological impact of blindness and severe visual impairment on a blind person, the family, and the community at large.

Finally, think about the excitement of a blind person regaining his vision.

Cataract surgery cost approximately $100.

Our goal is to treat 100 patients, so we will need $10,000.

With 2000 people donating just $5, we will easily hit our target.

Friends, kindly join the #5bucksforcataract campaign.

Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

And thank you for your attention.

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