2020 Summer Reading List

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The Book of Why

By Judea Pearl

CAUSATION | How do we deal with causation specially in the context of big data.  There is perhaps no superior scientist to turn to than Judea Pearl.

The Deep Learning Revolution

By Terrence J. Sejnowski

MACHINE INTELLIGENCE | A historical and contemporary treatment of one the greatest scientific breakthrough of our time – deep learning.

Hands-On Machine Learning

By Aurélien Géron

MACHINE INTELLIGENCE | A technical text on machine learning. It covers both shallow and deep learning methods, with an envious balance of theory and practical.

Jesus of Nazareth (#1 and #2)

By Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

CHRISTIANITY | I recently read Pope Benedict’s exegesis on the book of Genesis titled:  In The Beginning. It was a show of intellect through and through. I figured I should see what the Pope Emeritus  will do with Christology.

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