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Hundred words on Optimism

On Optimism: A fictional friend told me the other day about his staunch conviction about the existence of only exclusively pessimist beings. To which I refute. Two instances that resonate:

1. The last time you set your alarm clock (say, to wake up in the morning), will you consider yourself a pessimist or an optimist? My intuitive guess will be the latter.

2. What of the last time you had your monthly back-of-the-envelope financial forecast?

In fact, the miscellaneous section that ought to be a ‘tool’ for the pessimists, has been adulterated by our intuitive optimism (A slight wind of uncertainty will topple most forecasts). On the contrary to my friend’s opinion *I think* our difficulty lies in being a pessimist. (Which could be a good attribute, but also a very terrible one)

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